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Grammer rules.
Present forms.

Present Simple:
I/You work. - He/She/It works.
Do you work? - Does he work? Yes? I do./ No? he doesn't/
I do not(don't) work. - He does not(doesn't) work.
The Present Simple is used:
1) for permanent states, repeated actions and daily routins.
Ex: He works at a hotel(permanent state)
He lays the tables ans serves dinner every day.(daily routine/repeated actions)
2) for general truth and laws of nature.
It rarely rains in the dessert.
3) for timetables( trains, plans, etc.) and programmes.
Ex: The plane to London takes off at 6:50 am/
4) for sports commentaries, reviews and narration.
Ex: Hill kicks the ball and passes it to Dawson.

The present simple is used with the following expressions: always, usually, etc., every day/week/year, etc., on Mondays, etc., in the morning/evening/afternoon, at night/the weekend, etc.